The Framework of White

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One may not understand why God allows certain things to happen, but it is certain that God is not making any mistakes. This poem deals with the fact that God is in all the little details of our lives and everything happens for a reason. In Frost’s first attempt at perfecting his poem, he did not decide directly that God’s design for the world is what happened. It’s a thought, but he isn’t fully captivated by the idea. Frost improved “In White” by changing a few words, and these words changed the connotations of a few important lines and also strengthened the belief that this event is design. In his revision, Frost improves the point of view that is taken in the poem. “In White” gives you the sense of an omniscient power recollecting this sight of the moth, flower and the spider and then wondering the meaning of it. In “Design”, Frost makes the poem more personal and makes himself the narrator. Frost writes a line that is not very meaningful or important, “saw ever curious eye so strange a sight” (4); he is asking a question about whether anyone has seen something that eerie before. This question does not add anything to the poem, so this is an improvement from the previous poem. He transformed the line, commenting on how innocent and unsuspecting the moth and “the morning” (5) were. Both were “mixed ready to begin the morning right” (5), but their plans were not fulfilled, because God had different plans that were more important. “Design” has a first person view that seems more personal than “In White”. Frost often repeats words and synonyms, white most of all, and it plays a powerful part in the poem. Although “design” doesn’t get repeated very often, it plays a very important part in the poems. White has a connotation of innoce... ... middle of paper ... ...ost changed a few words and phrases to make the poem more successful. The poem is more successful because he makes the poem stronger, the reader has to think deeper and decide for themselves what they believe has caused this singularity. There were a few lines in his poem that he decided to keep exactly the same. The one that is the most important is “what had that flower to do with being white” (9). This is the most important, because this is what the poem is trying to answer; it is what the entire poem is about. Why was that flower white? What caused it to be white? Design caused the Blue Brunella to be white. The white flower plays an important part in proving that design caused the event. If it was a flower that was usually white, then the event wouldn’t be a phenomenon. However, the blue Brunella was white, so the flower plays an important part in the event.
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