The Fourth Of July Oration Analysis

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During America celebration of its 76th birthday, a man by the name of Frederic Douglass delivered a magnificent speech in Rochester, New York, July 5th, 1852. Douglass request to deliver the speech on the United States most important celebration of them appeared to him as mockery of his former persona and unjust treatment of black slaves in the United States. His speech, “The Fourth of July Oration,” was a true masterpiece result of skillful, eloquent and intelligent man. He began his oration by acknowledging America’s independence from the mother land’s ruling, England. Douglass alluded that despite being a seventy-six year-old nation, the United States was still at the eves of its career. Being a young country compare to those that were at the time to be by the thousands rather than tenths, created a grant opportunity for change that may be easier to successfully obtain under as a young nation rather than an older one condemned with opposition on its reforms. Douglass on his speech venerated the monumental accomplishment of the forefathers’ of their nation, of fearlessly fighting for their freedom and speaking for what they believed was right later becoming a revolution which ended the life and hopes of many as well as he felt as if the country and government was going against what they have constructed and in relation to how vague and misinterpreted slavery was being represented in the Bible. After he concluded venerating their independent country, he questioned why America citizens were celebrating independence. It was a time of commemoration for white folks but a time for desolation and woe for the black slaves of their nation at the time. I agree with Frederick Douglass, as he felt as if the country and government was going... ... middle of paper ... ...ible. The whole idea of its existence not only violates the teachings of God but questions the religious system of the Church’s organization. The misinterpretation of the Bible and teachings of a pro-slavery America were all things Christianity, the main religion in the United States at the time, taught its followers during Sabbath and preaching of the gospel teachings of God. Douglass viewed Slavery as a non-spiritual, the unholy exercise which went against this inhumane implementation. He made these points prove “that what is inhumane, cannot be divine” (FD, 267). Douglass in through the use of eloquent words, smooth transitions and appropriate mood and tone made it clear, how vague and misinterpreted slavery was being resented in the Bible. This view that slavery is not divine and that God did not created, creates an enigma as to how this idea came to existence.

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