The Four Steps To The POST Planning Process?

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Introduction For the purpose of this assignment, I will discuss the POST method written by Forrestter Research analysts, Charlene Li and Josh Bernoffand. I will apply it to the world 's leading Internet television network with over 81 million members, Netflix, to further understand its application and explore how it guide them to determine the right strategy for the right audience. P.O.S.T The four steps in the POST planning process are people, objective, strategy, and technology. This method is commonly used to build one’s groundswell. As a result, it is the foundation groundswell thinking which is a systematic framework for assembling ones plan. (Li & Bernoff, 2011, p. 67) People “People” is the first step of POST framework. This step understands…show more content…
Today, Netflix on twitter @netflix has just over two million followers and over twenty-four million likes on Facebook to share information. Netflix taps directly into the groundswell to find out what its customer 's are saying and what they can do to improve by monitoring social media and letting customers know what new content and features are available to stream. Netflix has made its digital platforms their communication method of choice, by selecting the use of platforms like Facebook to share achievements and new promotions. Objective “Objective” is the second step of POST framework. In this step, companies decides what they want to accomplish and how to pursue it based on how they and their customers will benefit Netflix can achieve this…show more content…
(Halal, 1999) Netflix was able to learn from other organizations mistakes and fill the gap by satisfying some unmet need in the market by being prepared and being in the right place at the right time with the right product/service while being transparent with their customers. Netflix is able to add value with its recommendation engine which is very good at predicting what types of movies people are likely to want to watch. Netflix Revenue strategy is to charge recurring monthly subscriptions and since Netflix offers great products/services that customers want, people are willing to pay a little extra each month. In addition, Netflix was able to make partnership with companies like Apple to access Apple’s large customer base. Technology “Technology” is the last step of POST framework. This step decides which social technologies to use as it shows how much of a company’s audience they can reach with various types of social technologies. This decision can be made by understanding and reflecting upon ones people, objective, and strategy. Only then can they confidently select the tools/applications and tactics they’ll use for their

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