The Four Ps of Marketing

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Pricing strategy
There are 4 P’s of marketing that are price, product, place & promotion. As we mentioned our product is Khadi and our market is Indian market. Our pricing strategy for India is shown in the following table. Price strategy used for the product is market oriented pricing where the research will be conducted and prices will be set according to the consumer’s perception. This will help the company in increasing sales by selling high quality product at reasonable price. The strategy may differ according to the product life cycle of the product. The following table shows the number of products which will be sold in Khadi. The saree is traditional and cultural dress of Indian women hence the prices of these items are quoted after research from secondary sources.

Pricing Constraints
The pricing constraints for the product are due to the target market. The price is set according to the segment to which the product is exported. The majority of population earns one by hardworking and they do not earn high hence the prices are set by the wish and how they perceive the product in their market. The other constraint is where the shops are placed if the shop is located in elite class area then Khadi by charging premium pricing. Pricines of the products vary according to the quality and material of the cloth.

Marketing strategy
1. We market Khadi by participating in trade exhibitions. The trade shows in places which were Britain, Italy, Switzerland, France and Poland which were organized by International Trade promotion Offer(ITPO) in an effort to promote Khadi in reputed fairs

2. Khadi can be marketed by giving export incentives. We give 5% incentive on FOB (free on board) given to those industries who expo...

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...roduct through innovative and creative TVCs can make the marketing campaign affective. The use of internet is most affective in this regard. It is easy to compare analyze and order your product online with freedom of choice. The internet medium can provide detailed information and catalogue to facilitate the customers just by surfing some pages.

Country of origin importance
The climatic conditions of Indian vary and have four seasons but summers have the longest duration when people like to wear thin clothes to save them from scorching heat of summers. the cloth of Khadi also remain cool in winters. Hence the origin of the country is important as people like to wear cotton clothes. Hence the introduction of high line product to Indian community will be much appreciated the traditional name of the product also has some association with its culture from the past.

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