The Four Phases Of The Project Life Cycle Of A Project

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A project life cycle “measures the work that goes into a project from” the start of the project to the end of the project (Taylor, 2016, para. 3). There are four phases of the project life cycle, and those phases are initiation, planning, implementation, and closure. The initiation phase of the project life cycle involves creating goals and business cases, once that is done, resources can be assigned. The planning phase of the project life cycle consists of solutions being researched in order to reach the goals of the project and to create a timeline as well as a plan so that the project can be completed. During the implementation phase of the project life cycle, all the steps of the project plan are followed and are adjusted as needed. The…show more content…
The life span of a project is formed through a “number of different phases” (p. 4). Through research it has been found that the objectives of constructing and recording the project life cycle process of a project consist of: 1. Enabling all the people that are concerned with constructing, implementing projects and planning is that they understand the process of the project, which needs to be followed through the life of the project entirely (Archibald, Filippo, & Filippo, n.d.). 2. Capturing and recording the good experiences within the business, so that the processes in all the project phases can be improved constantly and be applied on upcoming projects that are similar (Archibald, Filippo, & Filippo,…show more content…
These four phases have tasks, which are needed to complete the project life cycle. According to Rodrigo (2012), the initiation stage involves developing, undertaking, establishing, appointing, setting up and performing. The planning stage consists of creating a project, resources, financial, quality, risk, and communication plan. Implementing involves building deliverables, monitoring and controlling and the closure stage is performing the project closure and reviewing the project completion (p. 2). Project life cycle assists businesses in delivering projects effectively on a consistent
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