The Four Elements Of Integrity

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Elements of Integrity In our society today, there are many qualities that are known to be admired. Someone who possesses these qualities may be known as a leader, someone trustworthy, or simply a friend. One of these qualities is integrity. Integrity could be defined multiple ways, especially if numerous people were asked. However, one common element that people typically list is honesty. While this is a part of integrity, it actually possesses a much deeper meaning. For example, a person of integrity is also full of consistency, truthfulness, responsibility, and they also recognize the impact of their actions. Along with these sub-qualities, a person cannot simply have integrity, but must also possess multiple other qualities to be…show more content…
Those who do not have a strong understanding of what values and beliefs are may think they are the same thing. However, these two portions of consistency have quite different meanings. Values are important personal ideas. These play a large role in consistency because whatever a person’s values are, this is where their actions come from. For example, while one person may value effort, another may have no value in respect. What this could look like for the first example, is a person putting in extra hours at work, or taking the time to make an assignment as perfect as possible, while the second example would have a person treating others with rude manners or a refusal to give attention to someone who should be in high regard. This is simply one look into how values, especially strong, core values, influence the consistency of our actions, and thus lead to…show more content…
This could be described as simply as the peace of mind knowing a person can trust another’s word. Going further, it includes refrain from gossip and the spread of rumors, whether or not they are considered “the truth”. This is especially critical in family life and the work place. Though someone may be spreading the “truth” if it attempts to have the ability to change another’s perspective of an outside person, is this actually truthful? Further, though the truth should always be spoken in order to be considered a person of unwavering integrity, a person full of truthfulness is honest enough to admit to mistakes. Someone whom values the truth, and then expects others to tell the truth, is also the first to admit to wrong doings. A truthful person, is still a person, that is, human, and knows that mistakes are inevitable; it is simply the result of living in this world. To continue, it is essential for society to understand that despite the fact that it is possible to be human and be truthful, truthfulness and humanness are not equal. What this means is that as humans, people in society have the ability to be truthful, and everyone has the free will to decide to be truthful or the opposite, dishonest. But, this does not equate truthfulness and humanness. This is because humans are imperfect, they are flawed. Truthfulness is complete perfection, and there is nothing in society or

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