The Four Components Of An Emotional Experience

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The four components of an emotional experience
Experiences and emotions have always come hand in hand. The reason why we remember certain experiences are because of the way we feel about the emotions we had in that exact moment things happened. Like people always asked what is your happiest memory or what is your saddest memory because those are the memories that stand out amongst all the others. During these weeks that I did the journal about my experiences and emotions I realized that I am constantly feeling something even when am watching TV I have am emotion about a certain scene I saw. But throw out the time they where certain situations that stood out to me and that fall into the four components of an emotional experience. In this paper I would describe my experiences and how they relate to the four components. Like appraisals of a stimulus were the situation is the stimulus that triggers the certain emotion. Changes in bodily
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The reason is because I got to work and I came in and it was a good day so I was in a relatively good mood but I got in to work and I automatically started feeling irritated because work just annoys me because my managers are just really annoying. The first thing I noticed when I clocked in was the fact that there were a lot of people at the store. Seeing all the people made me feel even more irritated because a lot of people mean a lot of work and my managers just get really mad and frustrated when theirs a lot of people so it makes things even worse for the workers. The stimulus that got me irritated was work because I do not like my job and the fact that I have to deal with my managers who are really annoying makes it worse even worse. I realize just now that the fact that there was a lot of people is not what initially got me frustrated but it was the idea of work and going to work because work is a situation that I don’t
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