The Four Agreements

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What can The Four Agreements be stated as? I can say that they are similar to a proverb of life. As we progress, The Four Agreements can be used as a passage to a new and improved life. Before we can use these agreements and place them into life, we have to know each and every agreement. Each agreement has it’s own meaning and can change your way of thinking in a diverse way. The first agreement is “Be Impeccable With Your Word.” This agreement can be interpreted in many ways. I interpret this to meaning that we should always believe on our own word, not anybody else’s beliefs. To be impeccable with your word is always sticking with it and admitting to being wrong when you know it is. We should believe in our word, and it should always be positive. Our word is our belief and people can be affected by it. If we don’t want to be the person whose beliefs are negative, then believe in the good. Following this agreement doesn’t mean we have to change our lives entirely. It means that we should change a little at a time because it coincides with the quote “Slow and steady wins the race...
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