The Foster Care System

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How have you ever wondered what it 's like to be in the foster Care System? There are so many scary stories that people throw out there and yes, some may be true but there 's not always the case. There are homes where the parents and the rest of the family is very kind hearted and beautiful. I mean I can 't say I 've been in the foster care system where the house parents are so terrible. I had experiences at bad homes before, but never in a crazy way. I know it is hard to have other people you don 't know try to be in charge of you. I was picked up by the kids and sometimes even got hit by them. The Parent always seems to believe whatever her child tells her like other people don 't matter. I hated living in there because I felt like everyone hated me or there was something wrong with me. I did have a family where the parents didn 't do anything the previous one. This family was amazing in about every way I could think of. They never failed to make me happy. Always telling jokes and talking with me. I loved this lady like my own grandmother. She loved and cared about everything and really anyone. I would always sit up with her and watch TV she would talk to about the hummingbirds we saw earlier in the day. Bedtime stories were always my favorite to look forward to at the end of the day. There are days where we just sit around and think about life and how great everything is. Hannah was her name she had brown hair really dark blue eyes. Every time I think of her eyes, they remind me of the deepest part of the ocean. So sweet and strong. I swear she had magical powers because she was everything a foster parent should always be. She was small with a brain bigger than her body. There were no other foster homes I wanted to be in as... ... middle of paper ... opportunities to the foster kids and requirements for learning different things. The government should make sure the kids are passing everything they sent out to do. Again the kids can have a choice as to whether they want to learn or not learn. Everyone has their own choices and will reflect on them later on. I just want the kids in foster care to feel they do have a voice. Every child’s voice matter and it should not be quit or put outback. The kids should have courage to speck up about what they feel with school, work, placements, and the family they are living. The information may be good or bad. This is a way of assuring kids that everything will be fine. There are people out there who love and support them no matter what is going on in life. Know that their opinion’s matter and they do have choices in life. Give more rights to Foster kids is all I ask.

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