The Forgotten War: The War Of 1812

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The forgotten war,

A war that would soon be forgotten, almost by everyone involved. The war of 1812, a war that lasted for two years. A small conflict between Americans and Great Britain then soon involving natives and Canadian colonist. Though so many remarkable things happened in the war, Americans and the British don’t really remember some of the small details about the war. Though the war started in 1812 some of the developmental causes happened years before the war was even in any sort of thought. The British orders council in 1807 had put America’s trade tumbling down which led to the embargo acts, agreement and policies about ruined and angered Americans about trade. One of the biggest early reasons for the cause of the war was the Chesapeake incident in 1807. The British had started to practice
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They basically saw themselves as center of the universe and thought they should be the one to be proudly praised by everyone. America was showing that they didn’t need the British to do be independent. America was very goal oriented by their trade so they wanted to do whatever they could to make it work even if it meant starting a war. The need to expand is in both sides blood and if that meant war, they would surely go to war. Although America had lost many battles in the war of 1812 we didn’t give up once and just fought till we got what we wanted just like Madison stated. It is hard to believe that so many remarkable things happened in the war of 1812, but we don’t talk about it as a huge war. When the war had begun and ended the war at the time was known as “American’s second independence” so why is it that we still don’t remember? The question still floats around. The forgotten war shouldn’t be forgotten shouldn’t be brushed off as another war, we as American’s should believe that the war of 1812 was “Americas second

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