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The Forgotten Breed Layer by layer, her duty gear is slipped on. First a heather grey Fit Cops undershirt, next the Kevlar ballistic vest, black as the night. Ah. Kevlar vest, otherwise known as the “bulletproof” vest. If only… Her vest sports a Spartan Fit Cops morale patch, emblazoned with “ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ,” Greek for “come and take them.” Then comes the hunter green 5.11 tactical pants. After sliding both legs into the 5.11s, the khaki colored TDU shirt is pulled on. One by one, the buttons are fastened from bottom to top. Now that her vest is covered, she tucks the crisp shirt tails in to her pants. Belt loop by belt loop, she forces the nylon. Next comes the thick, black nylon duty belt, complete with a bright yellow Taser for nonlethal coercion, a holster cradling a can of pepper spray, a Kydex holster for her matte black Glock, a portable radio for communication outside of her Crown Vic, metallic silver handcuffs, extra magazine pouches for her duty weapon and a flashlight loop. Black Bates tactical boots protect her feet while she protects the streets. On her right wrist, a Thin Blue Line edition Rockwell watch sits. On the inside of the watch band is inscribed “all gave some, some gave all,” recognizing the sacrifice that law enforcement officers gave and continue to give. On her left sits two Fit Cops silicone wrist bands. Her hair is pulled into a low bun; stray blond locks frame her face. She wears her badge and Andrew County Sheriff’s Office patch with pride. She is the often-overlooked breed. Colette Cromer, deputy sheriff with the Andrew County Sheriff’s Office, is finishing her second year as a commissioned law enforcement officer. “There are many advantages and disadvantages to being a female in law en... ... middle of paper ... ...ose who are trusted and revered by the department. Though Deputy Cromer is leaving Andrew County soon to pursue a career in the Platte City Police Department in Platte City, Missouri, she looks to leave a lasting impression on females looking to get into law enforcement. She sets a perfect example for girls in all aspects of life with all sorts of career aspirations by striving to be better every day. “Find a good support system,” Cromer said of females looking to pursue law enforcement as a career. “Don’t let the naysayers get to you. Stay on top of your physical fitness, don’t let them say your size or sex determines your fate. You don’t have to overcompensate for being a female by having a bad attitude. Sometimes you can use your femininity to your advantage and don’t be ashamed of that.” “You can do it just as well as a man can, and you can even do better.”

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