The Foreign Relations Between The United States And Russia

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Sikorski has first started his introduction by praising Victor Ashe (former Knoxville Mayor and one time US ambassador to Poland) for his extraordinary work done by strengthening the diplomatic ties between the US and Poland during his time in the office. Minister Sikorski further continued lamenting on how proud he was about the outstanding diplomatic relationship between the two countries thanks to Victor Ashe’s selfless hospitality and his love for the people of Poland. Sikorski then opened his topic first by criticizing the government for Russia for the instability in various regions of Europe, particularly the annexation of the Ukrainian territory of Crimea in 2014. The minister continues to criticize and exposed Putin on his stubborn refusal to listen to the wider world. He also went on and made mentioned of the aid the Former US presidents “Bush’s Senior and Clinton’s” administration had done to bail out Russia when they collapsed. He gave some figures like “billions” of American dollars were spent to help Russia get back on its feet, European countries came together and helped Rusia, IMF with its adjustment program also helped Russia to get back on its feet. According to the minister, its simply not true that the west rejected Russia after the collapse of soviet union, because they sympathizes Russia since they understand how it feels to lost an empire, and included them in G-7, “we included Russia in the council of Europe” the minister stated, and allowed them to be part of our free trade union despite the fact that Russia didn’t met all the criteria’s demanded to be part of these organization. The minister said all these benefits offered to Russia in order to make it great nation once again, and made joke about a famous... ... middle of paper ... ... to make the world a better place for everyone. On the contrast, I also think the minister didn’t answer the lady’s question in full details because he did not condemned the illegal immigration that the lady think is what is responsible for the economic depression in some European countries since people are coming uninvited or unapproved in mass scales. But the minister said, he himself was a refugee that lived in London and was back in Poland, but some of these illegals that cross into Europe are not refugees so his immigration is different from those that enter by force and those that enter as refugees like himself since he was typical example of a refugee, I think there was some sympathy he felt for these migrants. But obviously every country’s wish is to protect its border and advocate for legal and not illegal immigration. I think that was an interesting answer.

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