The Foreclosure Crisis

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Not all illnesses have their cure. Sometimes the only thing that can be done is to let the sicknesses run its course. The economy, like an organism, has its own ups and downs; its cycles of growth, and diseases and parasites; and any attempt to cure it in a panic may do more harm than good; like primitive practices in medicine of bloodletting and trepanning. Perhaps some day by our more advanced ancestors, bailouts and the like will be considered just as barbaric and unknowledgeable. A fever is hot, yes, but it is considered deadly and unwise to plunge the victim into a tub of ice water to combat it. The foreclosure crisis began because mortgages couldn't be paid off by homeowners, and the bank seized them, yet the market for houses dropped and so the banks lost money; forcing the government to step in to help. The reason the homeowners couldn't pay what they owed is because they took loans out beyond their means- assured by the good conditions that they could pay them back eventually. There was a glut of property and everyone thought (and was encouraged) that they could buy. It was a time of relative prosperity. Then came the fall. The rise and the fall. Does any of this sound special or unique? Familiar? It is an old story, yet one that makes us cry for fear every time it happens. An old story that will be repeated, without a doubt; the danger is that it will be repeated to soon. And what is the government attempting to do now? They are giving rebates back to people who buy houses. They are making it easier to buy a house once again. This is the exact same problem that started it all, yet it's happening right after a previous crash. So that, in fact, it could simply speed it all up, not make anything be... ... middle of paper ... ...hem at all times like a filter, yet some try anyways, losing their way- but a line can be drawn between progress and lack of it, and sometimes that is the line where a stand must be made, stuck up for, protected. Sometimes that side has to be chosen, regardless of the fact that it is not perfect. So, how "to solve the foreclosure crisis"? Let it happen. Let it come. Bring it on. And maybe we as a country, as Americans, will remember our strength, our virility, and no longer have to attempt to regain it through wars and conflicts. We have survived more- honor that fact, and do not pamper us; it can only hurt- let us all suffer in this together, the bonds of friendship and community growing, the personnel worth of a man enhancing- let us ride out, without a premature sickly end, as we have done with other crisis. Let all this happen, and be surprised...

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