The For Effective Communication Nurses

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All of the scenarios showed evidence of best practice. All of the scenarios demonstrated what was being done wrong and what could’ve been done to prevent it. After the first scenario about HIPPA violation, the student nurse stated that HIPPA is a federal law and the health care providers need to protect their patient’s confidential information, and if a student and preceptor need to discuss something about their patient, they should discuss it in a private setting. After the second scenario about ineffective communication, the student nurse stated that for effective communication nurses should utilize SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendation) to communicate a clear message. The third scenario was about legal and ethical misconduct. The student nurse stated that as a CSUB nursing student, it is not within our scope of practice to administer chemotherapy drugs, and if a person is not sure what he/she is allowed to do, they can refer to the student handbook, do and don’t list, and can discuss it with their preceptor. The fourth scenario was about dress code violatio...
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