The For An Intake At The Coral Springs, Florida Office Of Juliana Gerena

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Demaree was seen for an intake at the Coral Springs, Florida office of Juliana Gerena, Psy.D., P.A. He presented as an African American male who was of average stature and normal build. He appeared his stated age of thirteen. Demaree was dressed in appropriate attire. Grooming and hygiene appeared adequate. During most of the intake session, the youth 's mood was noted to be euthymic, except for when he began to discuss issues pertaining to the allegation. Demaree maintained good eye contact throughout the interview. Speech appeared normal and goal directed. Speech was characterized as having a normal pitch, rate, rhythm, and volume. The youth was oriented in all spheres. No gross abnormalities were noted in ambulation, posture, and/or coordination, nor did Demaree exhibit difficulties with fine or gross motor skills. The youth was cooperative with the examiner. Demaree was observed to have no difficulties with abstract thinking and he gave appropriate responses to simple proverbs. SYMPTOM PRESENTATION: Demaree exhibited no overt evidence of a severe psychological disturbance in need of immediate psychiatric hospitalization as grossly assessed by this examiner’s observations. He did not appear to be suffering from a psychotic illness, as his thought patterns seemed coherent, logical, and goal directed. The youth did not display or report any delusions, preoccupations, or obsessions. Demaree did not exhibit or report any impairments with attention or concentration. The youth’s overall mood and affect were euthymic and of normal range and intensity. Demaree shared that he often time becomes saddened when he disappoints his mother due to his behavior, but admitted that it only lasts for a few hours. The youth admitted to experienc... ... middle of paper ... ...him not to participate in any sexual behaviors. He indicated he does not talk to anyone about his sexual concerns or frustrations. Ms. Francois noted she does not suspect Demaree was sexually abused or exposed to sexual acts in the past. She stated that the youth denied ever being touched him inappropriately. She further related that Demaree owns a cellphone and has access to the internet. She shared that the Demaree is not allowed on the internet without her permission, but has noticed that he has visited pornographic sites, the last being three days prior to the intake. Ms. Francois denied the youth has witnessed anyone engaging in sexual acts. She also denied the youth is currently in a romantic relationship. Ms. Francois noted she is comfortable with the therapist discussing age appropriate sexual issues with Demaree as she wishes to address his sexual behavior.

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