The Foils In Hamlet

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Foils In Hamlet

In fiction, a foil is a character whom contrasts with another character in the story, typically the protagonist. The foil is able to highlight certain aspects of their opposing character. A foil can differ dramatically or be extremely similar but tends to have key qualities that distinguish the two apart from each other. When an author uses a foil in literature they are emphasizing not only strengths and weaknesses the main character poses but also understanding the obvious as well as hidden aspects of their lives. In the Shakespeares tragedy, Hamlet, William Shakespeare's applies foils to explore morality and social ethics and how to answer the overall question of the tragedy, what it means to be a human and what happens
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It can be very reckless and impulsive, causing them to bring up more problems than they already had before. The news about Laertes father brought exasperation to Laertes. He quickly jumped to conclusions and pinned the act on Claudius, “That drop of blood that’s calm proclaims me bastard, cries cuckold to my father, brands the harlot even here, between the chaste unsmirch’d brows of my true mother.” (4.5 115-118) Laertes wanted answers and he wanted them now or else he was going to reverse the act back and kill Claudius. Hamlet also went the same route after he found out Claudius killed his father but in a more timely manner with a lot of background planning. He turned his anger into actions and attempted to kill Claudius however he stabbed through the curtain and killed Polonius…show more content…
While Laeretes was a foil to Hamlet between their actions after their fathers deaths, Ophelia and Hamlet contrasted each other emotionally after their fathers deaths, Ophelia is able to give the audience a deeper look into Hamlet’s heart and how he views certain aspects of his life. Revenge and death is how the reader perceives Ophelia as a foil character. The similarities Ophelia and Hamlet both have is the possession of controlling yet deceased fathers. Ophelia, like Hamlet, seeks revenge after the death of her father occurred. Despite all the anger she had, she lacked the violence that Hamlet held. She took a different approach to her revenge. After the news got to Hamlet about his father he began to act crazy. His actions also affected Ophelia and his relationship. Mixed signals were given to Ophelia which caused for arguments between the two. “I did love you once"(3-1-121). I loved you not"(3-1-124). Hamlet is expressing his feeling towards women. He believes that relationships are unnecessary just as marriage
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