The Flight From Conversation Analysis

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Sherry Turkle's “The Flight from Conversation” has many good points and qualities, including her knowledge in the area of technology and the points she makes about technology and conversating. However, the pluses do not add up to the major drawback which is the fact that she herself is a professor of technology but is writing about how technology is ruining our future. She certainly does contradict herself throughout her essay but she also has plenty of good facts about the way technology affects our ability to conversate.

Sherry Turkle's first point she made in her essay is the we communicate all the time through technology but we have given up conversation for mere connection. I believe what she means by this is that we use technology to communicate through everyday and we are able to use facebook and youtube where we probably have way more friends rather than what we have in real life. When using technology to communicate so much we lose touch with reality and have more issues having real conversations in real life because we prefer the connection we get online. Reading this part of her essay oddly reminded me of a song I know called “Online” by
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Which is why her essay is so well written and factual. The reason I was caught off guard reading that she deals with technology all day everyday is how much she talked bad about it. I am not sure if she meant to but throughout the essay she makes it very clear that she does not like technology and the new ways it has given us to communicate. I do not blame her considering technology has definitely taken away our communication skills especially us younger adults who need it most. We are struggling to make it and become something our parents can be proud of but can barely hold a small conversation with our own
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