The Flawed System of NFL Overtime Rules

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Are you a fan of the National Football League? Have you ever been frustrated about the overtime rules? The NFL overtime rules are a flawed system that clearly gives the advantage to a certain team. After regulation time expires, the team with the most points wins. But, if two teams are tied, the game will go into overtime, an extra quarter to decide the winner. If a team scores a touchdown in overtime, they automatically win the game in sudden death. But, if a team kicks a field goal on their first possession, the other team has one possession to win the game with a touchdown or tie the game with a field goal. If both teams kick a field goal, or if neither teams score on their first possession, the next team to score any points will win the game. If both teams are tied at the end of overtime, during a regular season game, the game will end in a tie. During the playoffs, there would be a second overtime and the game wouldn’t be determined until a team won. This is a flawed system that needs to be changed for the better enjoyment of NFL fans, and to make it fairer for coaches and play...

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