The Flag of India

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The Flag of India The Indian flag consists of orange, white and green bands. The color orange stands for courage in there country, white for peace, and green for fertility. A Buddhist emble called a dharma charka lies in the center of the flag. The land India borders a lot like China, Nepal, and Bhutan (that is to the North). Pakistan to the west and Bangladesh to the East. 1 “ India boasts many great mountain ranges, including the Vindhya Range, which divides northern and southern India. The Himalayan mountain range in northern India consists of some of the highest peaks in the world.” The climate 2 “ India has about three main seasons – summer is one from March to May, the rainy season from June to September, and then winter from October to February.” 2 The plants and the animals India supports approximately 45,ooo plant species, some which are not found anywhere else in the world except here. India’s most well-known...

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