The Five Steps Of Active Listening

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Active listening is a communication technique that is used in counseling, training, conflict resolution and personal life (Boundless). It requires that the listener fully concentrate, understand, respond and then remember what is being said. Listening is divided into a five stage skills or concepts. A listener must meet all five stages to be seen as an active, good listen. Listening skills involve receiving, understanding, remembering, evaluation, and responding. When good listening is achieved all five stages will overlap and repeat in a conversation. The first stage of the listening process is the receiving stage, which involves hearing and attending (Doyle). The messages the speaker are sending must be heard and able to be understood by listener. The listener must…show more content…
This time I sat Justin down with a pen and paper, I also had my laptop out so I could easily identify the five steps of listening. First I started with turning off Monday night football to eliminate any distractions. I continued with our normal meals, instructing him to write down the days and meals on a piece of paper to display on the fridge. While he was writing I added Zues’s vet appointment in his cell phone, so he could be reminded to get off work in time to take him. Then together we discussed our work schedules, and noted we would both be home late Tuesday. Everything went well, our conversation took less than 10 minutes to complete. I wasn’t expecting much change as I know how hard headed Justin can be, but I doubted him wrongfully! Wednesday I woke up and headed out door as I grabbed my breakfast I noticed the chicken was already taken out to defrost for dinner. He remembered what we were having for dinner and planed ahead. I also didn’t get any calls at work asking when I would be home. Even though it was only two things, these actions are proof that good listening improved our weekly
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