The Five Stages Of Organizational Development

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Organizational Development Organizational Development changes the character or "culture" of an organization and improves the organizations performance. Change in an organizational development program is planned and deliberate, not random. Successful change in organizations happens with a specific purpose and requires experienced leadership. The organizational development process involves a collaborative relationship between a consultant and a client, it is important to build a relationship of trust and create a climate for change. The process moves to a stage where problems are identified and diagnosed. The diagnostic phase is to gather information to specify the exact nature of the problem requiring solution, to identify the underlying causal forces, and to provide a basis for selecting effective change strategies and techniques. Organization Development’s Five Stages STAGE 1 Anticipate the Need for Change Organizations must change as the environment changes if it is to survive. Change begins when the organization finds the motivation to change. External issues can drive change like reorganization, management changes, relocation, or mergers. Internal changes that drive the need for change are expansion, growth or continuous improvement. (Allen, 2012) STAGE 2 Develop the Practitioner- Client Relationship…show more content…
The diagnostic phase provides the stage from which the organization is able to emphasize what cultural, economic and capability shifts the organizational is able to make and how those shifts can be made and embedded for sustainable organizational performance. Diagnosis is a recurring process involving; data gathering, identification of problem areas, interpretation, and potential action
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