The Five Functions Of The Skeletal System

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There are five functions of the skeletal system. The five functions of the skeletal system are; provides shape and support, enable movement, protects organs, produces blood cells, and stores minerals. Without bones we would be very flat. We wouldn’t be able to stand or hold anything. We would just be muscle and skin. We would look like deflated balloons. Bones allow us to move. Joint allow bones to move. If we didn’t have joints and our body was one very long connected bone, then we would be very stiff. We would have to keep all of our body parts very straight. You wouldn’t be able to bend your elbow or your knee. It would be very hard to live without joints connecting bones. Bones also protect many vital organs. So, if you were to fall on your chest where your lungs are without bones, then your lungs would get damaged easily. With bones, the bone would take much of the impact so the organs wouldn’t get damaged. Bones produce blood cells in the marrow of the bone. Also, bones store minerals. Most bones store minerals and other materials that the body needs. The skeletal system work...

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