The Five Facts About Sex And Creativity

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Five Facts About Sex and Creativity It 's no secret that humans like sex – a lot. If there was ever any question as to just how much, all we have to do is look at our online viewing habits. Porn sites like PornHub and YouPorn get more visitors each month than Netflix, Amazon and Twitter combined. The drive and motivation to achieve great power and fame is almost always connected with the primal urge to commit the sex act – usually with as many people as possible. It’s not surprising then to learn that the creativity that spurs achievement is actually closely connected to sexuality. After taking a closer look at the study, here are five things we can take away about the link between sex and creativity. 1. Sex Increases Creativity According to study done by Newcastle University psychologists, the more social a person, the more partners of the opposite sex they will attract. Researchers discovered professionals such as poets, artists and…show more content…
She discovered that having sex every day was very beneficial to her mental well being. Key amongst those benefits was confidence. And as anyone who 's ever struggled with writer 's block knows, an increase in self esteem helps the flow of creativity. After all, self esteem and self expression (creativity) go hand in hand with self acceptance. The Belgian novelist Georges Simenon had an astonishing level of literary productivity. During his career he published more than 400 books. It turns out that his appetite for sex was equally as impressive. “Most people work every day and enjoy sex periodically,” Patrick Marnham writes. “Simenon had sex every day and every few months indulged in a frenzied orgy of work.” While living in Paris, Simenon frequently slept with up to four different women per day. His second wife estimated that during the span of his career he had over 1,200 sexual partners. 2. Creativity Helps You Get More
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