The Five Factor Model ( Ffm )

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The five factor theory is a model used to study an individual’s personality. The five factors include conscientiousness, extraversion, neuroticism, agreeableness and openness to experience. It consists of fifty questions related to the five factors (McCrae & Costa, 2003). Using the information given by an individual who has gone through the test, one can explain the personality of the person. All the questions cover the individual traits which lead to discovering an individual’s personality. However, the five factor model does not give extend of the individual traits. The Big Five Theory The big five theory basically known as the five factor model (FFM) is used by psychologists to describe the human personality and psyche. The five factors include conscientiousness, extraversion, neuroticism, agreeableness and openness to experience. Its commonly use by people to access an individual’s personality mostly in academic psychology (McCrae & Costa, 1999). The five factor model comes from a statistical study involving responses made by individuals toward personality items. The model concludes by asking the question of the best way to summarize an individual. Although there are many personality variables used to analyze a human being, only five of them standout as the main. The model consists of fifty questions whereby you have to answer all of them relating to the five variables. The tool is used to for entertainment or educational purposes with the results not advisable to be used when giving a psychiatric advice to any person. The results of the test are always anonymous since it’s an unproven test which cannot be relied on. The paper will explore my experience in life with reference to the five Factor model and analy... ... middle of paper ... ...nstability. They have a tendency of giving ordinary occurrences an interpretation of being difficult, hopeless and threatening. According to the results obtained from the survey, I established that I do not possess any of the character traits outlined in this definition. As per the research, I do not dislike the way I am. This hence shows that I do not take any of the situations I am going through in a negative way. I always have a hope in that everything is going to come out well. As well, I was able to identify that I do not become panicked with ease (, 2016). I am hence prepared for the experiences I go through something which gives a positive view of the situations I have an expectation of going through. In the future, I will ensure that I have controlled myself in order to avoid possessing traits to the ones identified with neurotic people.
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