The Five Characteristics Of The Big Five Trait Assessment

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The Big Five trait assessment explores many different components of the personality, dividing them up into five main traits: openness, extroversion, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and agreeableness. There are multiple views when it comes to these traits, including the genotypic view, looking at traits as something you have, and the phenotypic view, claiming that traits are simply your tendency to act in a certain way, but not a certainty. The phenotypic view seems most aligned with how I view personality, therefore all the traits I discuss will be looking at my tendency to act a certain way. For the most part, the test results I got when taking the Big Five were accurate. My extroversion/introversion scale, aesthetics, and conscientiousness results seemed to closely mimic my behavior and cognitive processes, therefore I shall explore how those influence my…show more content…
My awareness of beauty has been a monumental feature of my life. As I stated earlier, books always have been a central part of my life, and the beauty of the written word has always deeply affected me. Beyond that, my appreciation for art and all things aesthetically pleasing has been ever present, from the decorations I chose in my apartment to the art museums that calm me. Both my parents are scientists, not very concerned with art or anything not practical. However, we travelled a lot growing up, and even though my parents never sought it out, I was exposed to many different cultures and beautiful sights. I was always happiest when we were in cities and able to see the different art and music. This trait is also present in my sister, which makes sense as we both travelled so often. I believe both of our experiences from the environment we were privileged to grow up in made this trait manifest as it did. This trait has seemed to evolve with age, seemingly because of my higher attention span as I have
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