The First Scenes Of The Exodus Story From A Group Of Women

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This first article is written from an Asian feminist perspective. It was written by a group of women to show the side of the Exodus story from a woman’s perspective. The first scene introduces Jochebed- Moses’ mother. The first scene involves Moses’ mother, Jochebed, Miriam, Susannah, Hannah, Shiprah and Puah, although Shiprah and Puah enter into the scene later on, they are Hebrew woman who are slaves to the Egyptians. Jochebed is pregnant and has just learned of the Pharaoh’s decree to kill all male Hebrew newborns. Jochebed is frightened because she believes that she is pregnant with a boy. Susannah, another mother tries to console Jochebed, but Jochebed is very worried. Jochebed’s husband Aaron had dropped bricks on his feet the other day, but kept working regardless. They have got no rest from work, and were beaten if they did not do something right or did not listen to instructions. Later in the article Puah and Shiprah enter the scene. They are two midwives who have come to warn Jochebed of the decree. Pharaoh has ordered them to kill all the Hebrew male children at birth, but they do not want to. They knew that Jochebed was pregnant and wanted to warn her to hide herself and her baby. The Pharaoh wanted to kill the male Hebrew’s because they were growing, increasing stronger and larger. The Pharaoh was afraid that they might try to rebel against the Egyptians and they would go to war. Later, Puah comes up with the idea of hiding Jochebed’s baby in a basket and putting him in the Nile River. She knew Leah had good favor with the Princess and thought she could convince her to raise the baby as her own. They decide that it was in their best interest to keep the baby alive so they did. When the Princess saw the baby she hel... ... middle of paper ... ...o be very similar to one another. I appreciate that fact and do not take it for granted. An interesting point the article made that touched me was how strong African Americans devotion to faith that they were willing to risk their lives to worship Christ. I thought it was creative how they did re-enactments of biblical stories and images in their churches. I thought this article was well written and articulated interesting points. Each of these articles brought an interesting view to the book of Exodus by giving examples of different perspectives. Interpreting the scripture with different views of the Lord brings out opposing outlooks on Him. Most of us as Christians think traditionally that God is just all loving and patient, He is; but He is also jealous and wrathful. The book of Exodus is a perfect example portraying His love and His wrath on the Israelites.

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