The First Non-Married Women to Rule England

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How did Queen Elizabeth become queen? Well Queen Elizabeth I was born straight into royalty. Her father Henry VIII, had six wives and Elizabeth came from the second wife. Elizabeth I wasn’t the first of the siblings to take the throne, her sister Mary took over before her. Even though she wasn’t the first of the siblings to take the throne she was still a great queen during her early years of ruling, but by her late years England started to fall.
Queen Elizabeth I was born on September 7, 1533. (Tudorhistory)She was born to Henry VIII and his second wife Anne Boleyn. Henry VIII had Anne executed on May 19, 1536. Elizabeth was only two years old when her mother died. She was far too young for her mother’s death to affect her but what she didn’t know is that her life was going to take a turn.
Within days of Anne’s death Henry VIII had already remarried to Jane Seymour. Jane Seymour died a few days after giving birth to Henry’s VIII long wanted son, Prince Edward. Henry was very devastated at Jane Seymour’s death, so he gave her the proper burial at the Chapel of St. George in Windsor Castle. Just like Elizabeth, Edward had to grow up motherless this helped make a close bond between Elizabeth and Edward.
Elizabeth and Edward both had a very big interest in learning. At an early age the both of them were taught Latin, Greek, Spanish, French, also all the other requirements of a classical humanist education. Such as history, philosophy, mathematics. When Elizabeth was four Lady Bryan was replaced by a young woman call Katherine Chapernowne. She was a very sweet lady who came to love Elizabeth. Katherine became an important figure in Elizabeth’s life. Katherine later came to marry Elizabeth’s cousin John Ashley which made Katherine ...

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...h saying this Elizabeth made a great queen even though she never got married, and by not getting married she proved not only to herself but to the people of England that a great ruler doesn’t have to be a King.

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