The First Modern Olympic Games

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Over 300 athletes participated in the 1896 First Modern Olympic Games. There were also 13 countries that played a role in the games. The Olympic games took place in Athens, Greece. The Americas dominated the track and field events in these Olympics. Many countries played in these games, but not all scored very well. The creation of the games came from Pierre de Coubertin. These Olympics were a whole new start to modern sports and they were a kick off to the modern day games. These games modernized the world in 1896 and played a big role back then. Without these games, there would not be the Olympic Games or many other sports. Coubertin created the first modern Olympics that eventually took place in Athens in 1896. Leading up to the event, Coubertin made associations and attended many meetings. Pierre de Coubertin made the IOC (International Olympic Committee) in 1894, and went to the World’s Colombian Exchange in 1893, to start the Olympics in 1896 (Kebric). After studying and going through education, Pierre de Coubertin had the idea to modernize an Olympic event to bring the countries together. Following meetings and donations mainly from George Averoff, his idea was possible (Kieran & Daley 21). Coubertin was the creator of the games, but many athletes and teams played a part in these games. To kick off the Olympics, King George stood in the new stadium that de Coubertin designed, and then officially opened up the first modern Olympics (Kieran & Daley 19). The Athenian people were thrilled when the Olympics kicked off; they had an eventful event ahead of them. The Olympics officially kicked off on April 6, 1896. The second days of the games were devoted to track and field, which the... ... middle of paper ... ...verall these games played a big impact on our country and many others; also sports were changed in these games. In conclusion, these games were a life-changing event and every life would be different if it wasn’t for Pierre de Coubertin and the games itself. These Olympic games brought many countries together and created bonds that are still used today. Overall these games were probably very fun for all the participants and a great experience to see that part of the world. These games impacted our life in a positive way. As we all should know, de Coubertin was the reason for these games and he is a great example of why to follow after your dreams, results happen. The ‘First Modern Olympic Games’ in 1896, in Athens, Greece were a successful event that modernized our world today. They made a positive impact on many people and countries.

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