The First Factory For Mass Production

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In the last 50 years of the 1700’s the definition of Made in the USA became standard. The American industry of manufacturing had found its place throughout the world and there would be no stopping the advancement of the manufacturing world. In the colonial era manufacturing was done within a local community. Local farmers and craftsmen provided for their communities and thus profits were kept at the local level. Profit was fed back into the backbone of the community through local commerce. The first factory for mass production was erected in 1790 by Samuel Slater. He had brought the blue prints and concepts of textile milling across the Atlantic from England. He built a textile mill in Rhode Island that would spawn a textile industry that would monopolize the industry with hundreds of new companies. Up until the middle of the 18th century, slavery had been a lucrative business for the agricultural industry but by 1790 slavery was in a rapid free fall in the United States. In spite of the rapid industrialization of the North the South had no industry to export. Farmland was quickly used up when crops like Tobacco were planted. Acquiring new acreage was very easy because southern land was extremely cheap. Farmers would move to new plots of land when the old crops wasted the soil away. At this point in history slaves were a commodity, they had to be purchased and kept in prime condition to be worked. Southern farmers realized that the conditions of their crops no longer justified the financial upkeep of a slave. In 1793, Eli Whitney brought his cotton gin to the south and within a week an industry would be changed for time. The South would never be the same again nor would how people looked at the workforce. For the next ... ... middle of paper ... ...ation of the human worker. The worker is being freed from a tedious job unfortunately though they are finding themselves on the unemployment line, replaced by a robot. Automation and technology is changing the labor force in the United States and the issue now how to train a whole new generation of workers for the technological era. Automation is creating a class of lazy people. We live in a world where everything is handed to us instantaneously, we don’t have to work for very much these days and the mindset of the young is that things should be given to them. This problem has arisen from the industrial age and continues to expand in the technological age. Bring forth our ancestors from the beginning of our nation and they would be overwhelmed by all the stuff and how lazy Americans have become from the sweat they poured off their bodies to create this nation.

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