The First Computer Dependent Generation

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The First Computer Dependent Generation
The computer has become one of the most important and influential luxuries of this generation. Young people use computers every day for school, work, and entertainment. They are the first generation to have become computer literate as early as the onset of adolescence. For most of their lives they have used computers, so it is not surprising that our generation has become highly dependent upon them. Frustration usually occurs when one can not get access to their computer. In college dorms, students get upset when Internet service is down for even an hour. While off-line, many of these “stranded” students dial in every minute to see if the network is back on-line. Occurrences like these show that this generation can be defined as overly computer dependent.
Computers are becoming more of a necessity than ever to higher education. Universities make it clear that computers are crucial for success. This is demonstrated by the ever-growing number of course web pages, and increasing use of student e-mail. Computers also facilitate communication in large lecture halls where sometimes students find it impossible to talk with their professors. E-mail has become the most efficient way by which teachers and students interact. However, one can argue that e-mail is an artificial substitute for student-teacher contact. After all we did come to college to get an education from superior individuals in their subject area. E-mail seems to defeat the purpose of this idea because anyone can e-mail, but, not everybody can go to a world renowned professors office and have a conversation about the material being discussed in class. Sometimes, entire classes are on a web page. These students need not even go to class, because they know the lecture notes will be on the class web page along with the practice midterms and finals. The fact that computers make these things easier reinforces the computer owner’s dependence. Furthermore, students no longer have to do research outside of their room. Today, students can do all their research on the web, or through the online library system, which many universities offer. Students who do not own a computer are at a disadvantage because they have to spend added time accessing computers.
Living in a college dorm, I have been surrounded by computer junkies for the first time. These users resemble hermits, at times. However, since computers provide so many conveniences, they live happily within the vicinity of their colored monitor.
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