The First Blood

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As they arrive to the HQ, Viktor wakes up first and looks out to see that Mrs. Baltimore arrives safely. Mrs. Baltimore smiles as she pulls into the open garage, and eases the SUV in as she turns off the vehicle. Stretching, Viktor feels rested as he whispers softly calling out to Jerry, Mina, and Holligan, waking them. “Where are we?” Mina said, stretching out and waking up from the nap. “We’re back at the headquarters,” Viktor whispers smiling. “Oh,” Mina replies with a blush. Unable to pick up on her blush, Viktor stares into her eyes as Jerry’s grunt startles both of them. “Sorry…” was the only word that Viktor could say. Slowly, Holligan, and Jerry wake up as they looked around them while Viktor gets out the vehicle first; slowly, he walks out from the garage and walks over to the Bio-lab. Carefully, Viktor scans the entrance and notices that the entry lock was shorted by clipping the wires but carefully replaced to cause a fault when the door opened, but the decoder that appeared to open the door was missing. The window still shattered, and the chair still outside. Cautiously, Viktor goes inside the Bio-lab rescanning the area, trying to find any kind of clues of a possible of an inside job or just that the criminal knew what he was doing. As Viktor walks over to the computer, the screen saver was displaying a message: “The first blood will be the last one.” What are you talking about…? Viktor started to think, as the memories come back like a scar. Viktor Ivan Mord, you are assigned to help protect the First family, especially Mina Whitman, at all costs; if she dies, you will be removed from the New Raccoon City Police. No exceptions. Now, get going! Within seconds, Viktor made the connection. Mina Whitman... ... middle of paper ... ...ere?” Jerry asks as he walks over to the HQ; Mina, Holligan and Viktor follow. “A smudge of blood on the door frame going to the chemical research room, but something else caught my eye,” Viktor said as the rain started to pour as they entered inside the building. “What’s that?” Jerry asks. “A note on the computer: ‘The first blood will be the last one,’” Viktor says looking at Mina. “What do you think it means, Viktor?” Jerry asks. “I believe it’s a message for…Ms. Whitman…the first blood,” Viktor said heavily as Mina stood in horror. “Why…why me?” Mina says on the verge of tears. “Because you are the last one, the last one to be…killed,” Holligan answers. “But I don’t want to die!” Mina cries as she buries her face into Jerry’s chest as he slowly pets her head. “I won’t allow that to happen; I promise you and each one here, no one will die,” Viktor says.
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