The Financial and Moral Empowerments of an Education

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Education empowers people to be able to support themselves in the future by getting a job. Many jobs in today’s society require some type of education. For people to financially support themselves they need some type of basic education. Education can also be a ladder for poor people to work their way up in society to a financially stable life. Education is also important because a person needs to know right from wrong to live in society. Also, being culturally and socially educated helps people connect with other people better with no judgment or ignorance towards them. Although there are ways to succeed and be empowered, education is the most successful at empowering us financially, morally, culturally and socially.
Getting an education can financially empower a person. Many jobs in today’s society require not just a high school degree but also now a college degree. Even just getting a high school diploma will make a difference for a person when they are trying to get a job. Horace Mann, author of The Report of the Massachusetts Board of Education, says “For the creation of wealth, then,—for the existence of a wealthy people and a wealthy nation,—intelligence is the grand condition” (121). To be able to finically support yourself as well as a family it is vital to have a reliable and stable job that a person can get through having an education. There is a lot of competition in America for a good job and for getting certain positions, and having an education will empower a person to be picked for the positions. It will also allow a person to secure the job they get so they do not have to worry about starting all over again. John Taylor Gatto argues that school systems “cripple our kids.” He says “We have been taught ...

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... There are many clubs and organizations that a student can join and feel like they fit in where they can learn how to make friends and talk to people. There are also speech classes offered in many schools and universities, so that a student can learn how to properly speak to people in front of a crowd without getting nervous or feeling timid. This can be empowering because knowing how to speak to people is essential to strive in today’s world.
Ultimately, education empowers us in many ways. Without an education people would not be able to financially support themselves. It would also be hard for society to strive if people never learned values and social norms of everyday life. Education can empower us in even the littlest ways like learning how to speak to people properly. Without an education a person would not be able to flourish and thrive in the world.
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