The Final Pope

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The Final Pope Many people, including Bible Scholars, are fascinated with the end time prophecies. Although St. Malachy was a legitimate prophet, others believe his prophecies were tampered with. Deeply affecting their creditability. Since Pope Benedict XVI resignation, questions have developed around the authenticity of the famous Catholic prophecies. Whether or not the prophecies are inspired and can be expected to be fulfilled. Jorge Mario Bergoglio could be the last pope for two main reasons, St.Malachy’s prophecies are unfolding & the predictions of The Book of Revelations. According to St. Malachy’s biographer, St. Bernard of Clairvaux, he was an Irish saint of Armagh from the 12th century who had a gift of healing & prophecy. By the inspiration of the Lord, St. Malachy experienced a vision in 1139 A.D of all the historical popes from Celestine II down to the very last one named Petrus Romanus,(Peter the Roman). According to many studies, the total of Catholic popes is 112, but some may argue and claim the total is 111. According to St. Bernard, his manuscripts were given to Pope Innocent II to place into the Vatican for safe keeping and forgotten about until the rediscovery in 1950 & published in 1959 by Arnold de Wayon. For this reason, the original list of popes are difficult to match. However, what’s interesting about St. Malachy, is that he predicted the exact day & hour of his own death. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, pope 109 & 110 appears to match the order of papacies in office. St.Malachy did not predict just the number of popes, he predicted a detailed descriptions who is going to reign during The Great Tribulation & the the second coning of Jesus Christ. According... ... middle of paper ... the false prophet or even the Antichrist to reign during The Great Tribulation . According to the Bible in Mathew 24:36 it says that nobody will know the day nor hour. Bible Scholars base their theory on a prophecy that was hidden in the Vatican for over 400 years? Who really is qualified to answer whether or not if St. Malachy’s prophecies are authentic? Some critics may argue that back in the 16th century people believed his prophecies were forgeries. Could it be a orthodox with the Catholic church to fulfill the famous “ Prophecy of the Popes” of St. Malachy? Even though the Bible does not clearly teach that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the final pope. According to the Bible, it does speak about a false religious leader that the whole world will be deceived by. With all that being said, if the prophecies are true, then the Antichrist leader could be in place now.
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