The Final Piece

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Amsterdam is at its peak of achievement; trade, military, science, and art are among the most admired in the world. Some even call it the “Dutch Miracle,” we came from a period of Holy Roman power to the Dutch creating its own control through economic gains. This of course did not come easily, but the Dutch are smart and innovative and we have created ways for other countries to need our services. Windmills are an extraordinary source of affordable energy, and have been our keen way of developing ships. Ships are essential to this time period, trade is prospering overseas, countries need us to build their ships, and we are conquering all new lands along the way. This is the Dutch Golden Age, where these achievements are looked at with absolute honor. With many great artists we are able to proudly capture all of these moments in grandiose works of art. Citizens from all social classes are patrons of the art. We believe in displaying fine art because we are proud of how far the Dutch society has come. Not only do rich businesspeople and ship owners collect art, but also traders and craftspeople pride in their art collections. The most popular artworks are genre scenes, portraits, still lifes, and landscapes. Even people who cannot afford to spend luxuriously have a way to collect art in a more affordable manner. Prints are very cheap because numerous copies are sold everyday. Pieces range from prints to small landscapes to the most expensive, commissioned portraits. Art in each home certainly has different meanings depending on personal values. Calvinists for example, use their paintings and other possessions to announce their success to guests who visit their homes. (Fred S. Kleiner). Calvinists are also apart of the middle class... ... middle of paper ... ...earn this title and sell his work. With this new information, later that week I went to Rembrandt’s home and purchased the piece. It was an honorable experience meeting my favorite artist, an experience I will never forget. “The Storm on the Sea of Galilee” is now in my home and is the finishing piece to my art collection. This painting captures important historical and biblical concepts yet it also holds meaning to what is happening in Amsterdam. The Dutch people struggled to get to the Golden Age we are in today but within our struggles we all had a glimmer of hope and with that we held on and made great accomplishments. The sea is the reason my family lives such a beautiful life and it is the reason the Dutch have been able to expand and benefit our country. I have overwhelming feelings of enjoyment that this piece will be passed down for generations to come.

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