The Final Girls: Analysis Of The Final Girl

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“Final Girl”
It’s interesting to see the evolution of horror films as they evolve into something more. Peter Hutchings talks allot about how the old fades away and other grouping and trends start to emerge (216). The film industry itself will always be changing and creating new things, however, most films still haven’t equally balanced out mare and female roles. Generally, most horror films include a monster of some sort. It seems as though most killer/monster roles are taken by men, while women are usually put into roles that are powerless leaving them to be the victim. As mentioned before, horror films are always changing, for instance, many horror films end in brutal deaths. However, when it comes to movies like Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween, their endings are a bit more significant than the average horror film only because the killer is confronted by the “final girl”. The final girl is usually the character who is seen as pure and is able to confront the killer at the end of the film.
The final girl is a unique character because she slowly overcomes her fears and by doing so she becomes empowered. Although the characters feel a sense of empowerment, most final girls die. In some sense, you may be thinking,“do horror films
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Women shouldn’t have to be seen as a weaker character. Although this role empowers women and yes it’s definitely a unique movie hero it is still wrong to characterize women, it especially sends out a negative message. Additionally, the final girl might be a powerful hero figure in horror films, however, it wouldn’t be wrong for the horror film industry to switch up male and female roles and to have a more realistic approach towards the final character role. Lastly, as I mentioned earlier, the film industry is still growing, creating different things. Hopefully, the horror film industry will take a new stance towards the final girl character and change it
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