The Films of Stanley Kubrick

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The Films of Stanley Kubrick The films of director Stanley Kubrick divert from any categorized

genre upon analysis. Instead they use themes that also expand into

cinematic concepts due to certain construction processes used in the

making of his films. This distinguishes Stanley Kubrick as a film

maker and also places his films in their own genre. Analysing the two

films 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) and A Clockwork Orange (1971) the

production processes will be examined to determine how they bring

about the construction of a Kubrick film. The codes and conventions of

film making and their purpose will also be identified as well as

Kubricks mixed obedience to these and the distortion of classical

cinematic strategies. These will be used to illustrate the

distinguishing features of a Kubrick film and how they create the

effect that reinforces his themes and invites thematic interpretation.

Beginning this analysis with 2001 it is important to acknowledge that

Kubricks approach to cinema was literary. In his films his concepts

were inspired by works of literature which he described as “meaningful

fiction” and 2001 was based on the short story by Arthur C. Clarke “The

Sentinel” (1950). This supplied the notion of space exploration and

man’s first contact with aliens though Kubrick’s primary subject

matter was the evolution of intelligence in humans. In the pre

shooting phase Clarke was to develop his story into a novel entitled

2001: A Space Odyssey and then the ...

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...001 and A Clockwork Orange

throughout the production process are conveying varied themes to their

audiences. These are achieved through cinema techniques which

occasionally defy Hollywood conventions and rearrange their audience’s

expectations of the film. This makes them resistant to any simple

categorizing theme and also make them distinguished cinematic

achievements with the ways in which Stanley Kubrick brought together

all production processes within the time and budget available for his




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