The Film, Waitress, By Adrienne Shelly

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In the film, Waitress (2007), Jenna Hunterson has just found out that she is pregnant with her abusive husband, Earl.However, throughout the film, Jenna begins to have an affair with Dr. Jim Pomatter, whom is the knight and shining armor to help Jenna get away from her abusive husband, and try to “save the day.” In the film, Director Adrienne Shelly demonstrates to the audience how the Power and Control Wheel is used in the film, through examples such as emotional abuse, male privilege, and intimidation. On the other hand, the film has made errors in regards to what a domestic violence relationship would look like by adding in an unhealthy relationship with a married doctor, how Jenna did not officially end the relationship with her husband and how Jenna’s friend, Dawn, had begun her own relationship yet it had signs of an early unhealthy relationship. From the Hollywood glitz and glamour, the audience has lost the portrayal of what a domestic violence relationship looks like. According to Whitaker, “Two million women and one million men experience rape, stalking, physical assault by a current or former romantic partner each year in the United States.” (Whitaker, 2013) This is an alarming statistic that shows just how common and prevalent domestic violence is in the United States, particularly in women. In a previous class discussion, we studied the Power and Control Wheel, a tool for individuals to be able to pinpoint traits in their romantic partner that may be potential warning signs that they should be aware of that may cause physical or mental harm. The traits from the Power Control Wheel displayed in the film were emotional abuse, male privilege, intimidation and economic abuse. Despite the presence of these traits, the fil... ... middle of paper ... ...t Dr.Pomatter’s wife, was in the same room with Jenna right before she gave birth to her daughter. Second, the strange relationship between Dawn and Ogie. I had a strange feeling in my stomach when she said she was going on a “five minute date” someone from the newspaper ads. I felt that was not the safest for her to met anyone. I feel that the relationship was pushed upon Dawn and she really couldn 't say no. As I recall in a class discussion, we had talked about how in our society that being alone is a bad thing, but while in a relationship it makes you feel that life is complete not only with someone by your side but within yourself. In the movie, it showed how demanding and controlling Ogie was towards Dawn, which made her have no say in any part of the relationship. It was found that from the Survey of Violence and Threats of Violence Against Women and Men

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