The Film Analysis: Do The Right Thing

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Do the Right Thing Analysis: Will the Right Thing Ever be Done? The racial system is composed of three basic parts that divides people into different categories: the white on top, black on bottom, and brown in between. This system came to be as a result of three different population coming together with unequal terms resulting in one population having the most power. The film Do the Right Thing, directed by Spike Lee, does an excellent job at portraying how the racial system functions by showing the advantages of being at the top of the system and the disadvantages of being at the bottom of the system. Not only does Spike Lee show the way that the racial system works but it also shows the reality of it and how it puts the races at the bottom …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how spike lee's film do the right thing portrays the racial system by showing the advantages and disadvantages of being at the top of the system.
  • Analyzes the subtle use of racism in the film, white out: the continuing significance of racism, by eduardo bolivia-silva.
  • Analyzes how the movie shows how being at the bottom of the system reaps its benefits when a fight erupts between sal and radio raheem and the police intervene.
  • Analyzes how the racial system as a whole divides people into groups and puts them up against each other.

Sal even states that the reason his pizzeria does well is because it is the only one in that neighborhood as opposed to the dozens that are present in his own neighborhood. The fact that there are dozens of pizzerias in his neighborhood hint at the fact that his neighborhood is probably better than that of where he works at. Not only are they at an inconvenient location and no means of transportation but they are also forced to deal with heat wave without AC. Although redlining might not seem like it is present in today’s modern society there some kind implicitly present, in New Racism,’ Color-Blind Racism, and the Future of Whiteness in America.” White Out: The Continuing Significance of Racism, Eduardo Bolivia-Silva states that there is a new type of racism that involves the subtle use of racism and it is not as obvious as it was before. He goes to explain how even though redlining is not legal anymore there are ways that the bank works around it by having prices in certain neighborhoods be at prices that some cannot afford and the banks refusing to give loans to them. This is just one of the many disadvantages imposed by being at the bottom of the racial

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