The Fight to be Equal

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Change is hard. The power to change anything takes cooperation and courage. Sometimes it feels like you are trying to reverse the rotation of the earth. You just have to keep telling yourself that it will be worth it the end. All the pain and suffering is all for the right cause. You have to swallow your pride and obey sometimes. Other times you have to stand up for what you believe in. You have to have respect for yourself before anyone will have respect for you. One of the major changes happening in the world today is security sector reform. It is the change from a Monarchy to a Democracy. This change has affected many countries in the past thirty years and will continue to affect more. This is how security sector reform contributes to sustainable peace. In order to achieve sustainable peace you first must reform the security sector within the societies. In order to reform the security sector I think that you need a few people on the inside willing to change. The policemen and soldiers in the security sector have to change their whole mindset. Instead of working against the people they must work with them. Within the security sector you must have a leader that everyone can look up to, to help them change. They have to change enough so the citizens will to be able to trust them and rely on them. The citizens shall be able to live without fear. This change will be gradual and will take time. You must allow that time if you want it to work. Cawthra says, “Security sector policies are not always effectively implemented and do not necessarily achieve their goals.” In order to succeed you must help them reach their goals. Truly, in order to achieve sustainable peace you must reform the security sector within the societies. Next, two cases from the past thirty years, one that has been successful and one that has not are South Africa and Liberia. In
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