The Fight for a New Gun-Control Law

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The devastating 1999 Columbine High School shooting caused grief and anger among the United States citizens and politicians. This horrifying tragedy that resulted in the death of thirteen innocent victims turned the spotlight on the country’s gun-control law. Last March 22, 2013, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid introduced Senate Bill 649 or what is called the Safe Communities, Safe Schools Act of 2013 that “ensure[s] that all individuals who should be prohibited from buying a firearm are listed in the national instant criminal background check system and require a background check for every firearm sale, and for other purposes” (S.649). However, this bill did not garner enough votes from the Senate in order to be passed. But gun-control advocates are not giving up just yet. In the article “This is How the NRA Ends”, Alec MacGillis, senior editor of The New Republic, writes that Senator Reid is planning to reintroduce the bill again in the middle of 2014 (18). In order for this bill to be successful, it needs to gather more supporters among citizens who have the power to convince their state senators to vote for it. A tighter gun-control law that requires an expanded background check on firearm buyers should be passed by the Senate to help decrease gun violence incidents in the United States. The gun violence rate in America is very high, despite having laws that currently govern gun sales. According to the Everytown for Gun Safety website, there are an estimated eighty-six Americans that are killed daily by acts of gun violence (Learn). The website also points out that the United States’ gun murder rate is “shockingly higher than that of other developed countries” (Learn). Doctors Martin Mitchell and Larry Brendtro of the ... ... middle of paper ... ...eep America Safe." Everytown for Gun Safety. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Apr. 2014. Macgillis, Alec. “This Is How the NRA Ends.” New Republic 244.9 (2013): 16-23. Academic Search Complete. Web. 18 Apr. 2014. Mitchell, Martin L., and Larry K. Brendtro. “Victories Over Violence: The Quest for Safe Schools and Communities.” Reclaiming Children & Youth 2013: 5+. Academic Search Complete. Web. 6 Apr. 2014. "National Instant Criminal Background Check System." FBI. FBI, 17 Mar. 2010. Web. 23 Apr. 2014. O'Connor, Karen, Larry J. Sabato, and Alixandra B. Yanus. Essentials of American Government Roots and Reform, 2012 Election Edition, Books a La Carte Edition. N.p.: Pearson College Div, 2012. Print. "S. 649: Safe Communities, Safe Schools Act of 2013." N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Apr. 2014. "Take Action to End Gun Violence." Everytown for Gun Safety. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Apr. 2014.

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