The Fight for Women's Rights

The Fight for Women’s Rights

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Considered to be the epitome of writers advocating for gender equality and essentially creating the modern Vindication of the Rights of Women, Betty Friedan’s greatest life accomplishment begin with here accomplishments as a Women’s Rights activist. Despite the myriads of writing pieces on the confinements of gender stereotypes, her accomplishments are shined in her co-founding of the National Organization of Women in 1966. She furthered her notions for equality of women by creating the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws, which helped give more precedence to women and help them with abortion laws. Incited by other women feminists and looking for a revolution, Betty Friedan is undoubtedly the pinnacle of women advocates to date.

Section 1: Social Problem addressed by the Humanitarian

Betty Friedan was a women’s right’s activist who pushed for the equality of women. Since the beginning of times, society has been predominantly patriarchal, and hence women have been stereotyped and confined because of this. In the Early modern world, Chinese culture had the women foot bound so that they’re feet would decrease in size, and they would essentially become weaker, human beings. She found her passion in this subject because of the repercussions of WWII, where women were severally inhibited and had very limited job opportunities. Some were forced to enlist in the military because of the amounting casualties. Women participation in the war was in fact prominent, however it was degrading and it caused social conflicts because of the confining stereotypes. The issue of legalized abortion became prominen...

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