The Fight For Women's Rights A Struggle Against Human Nature

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The Fight for Women’s Rights, A Struggle Against Human Nature For an American in the twenty first century, for whom it is illegal to discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, color, or gender, it is almost incomprehensible that there was a time when women were more than just discriminated against, they were in fact denied all basic rights. Although the Enlightenment thinkers proposed the ideas of the inalienable rights of man in the mid seventeenth century, it took almost a century until the first thought was given to the rights of women, and many more years until women were granted these basic rights. All change is a gradual process, and changing the attitude of society towards women was no different. It took much time until it was acknowledged that women were not inferior or dependent by nature but rather by habit and custom. Human nature is to classify and to stereotype, and as such, women will never truly be equal in the eyes of society. Judith Sargent Murray was one of the first American advocates of women’s rights. She had first seen the discrimination against women rights, when she could not get the same education that her younger brother did. She had been taught had to read and write and she became a journalist under a pen name . She wrote an essay called “On the equality of the Sexes”, in which she enumerates how the intellectual inferiority of women is a result of lack of education rather than nature. She explains that people claim that just as the powers of male animals are superior, so too their mental capabilities must be stronger. She refutes this claim by stating that if it were true, one would have to say that men are intellectually inferior to animals that are stronger than he. She further states that th... ... middle of paper ... ...orn to a women and G-d, with no man involved. This speech by Sojourner was a major victory for the women’s rights activists, as it successfully refuted the arguments of the men. Still, as humans are stubborn, despite the truth of arguments presented, real change would not happen for quite some time. From before the time of this countries founding, women’s rights were being fought about. Yet it took over a century for American women to be legally considered equal to men. Today, almost another whole century later, although one can not discriminate on the basis of gender by law, women still are not equal. Human Nature will always insist on making women more vulnerable and therefore more dependent than men. Although women indeed have the same inalienable rights as men, they will never socially be equal to men as this would go against the very fabric of human life.
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