The Fight For Gun Control

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No state in America is unfamiliar to the death toll due to firearms. According to the Center of Disease Control, in 2013, there was not a single state in America that went without deaths due to guns. Anyone who is aware of current issues in America knows that gun control is a movement that is supported by half the country. The fight for gun control is one that has been around for decades, but to the dismay of many, there has been little done for their cause. There are many different laws and policies that can be put into place that would lower and greatly diminish the death toll in America that is a result from homicides, suicides, and accidental gun deaths. To solve the amount of deaths due to firearms in America, caused by the easy access to handguns, the government at state levels should pass background check laws as well as mandatory training classes. In America, there is an alarming amount of deaths each year due to firearms. The amount of deaths due to guns each year typically rises above 30,000. This includes men, women, and children of every race and age. A term many Americans are familiar with is “gun violence”. Gun violence is defined as any violence committed with the use of a gun. This can include assaults and homicides. There are nearly 12,000 people a year that are murdered each in America. This number has stayed steady over the past decade or more. Even though the number of deaths has stayed steady, the amount of gun assaults has risen. Gun assault numbers are as high as 60,000 each year (US Gun Violence Trends, 2015). Although the number of murders each year are alarmingly high, the number of suicides is even higher. The number of of suicides each year is up to 21,000 a year. Gun suicides are the leading cause of ... ... middle of paper ... ...un. Training is necessary in operating a lot of things in today’s society. To drive a motor vehicle, there must be a course taken and many hours, different in each state, to legally obtain a license. Training for driving is so that deaths on the road do not take place as often; it would make sense that this training be necessary for guns so deaths do not happen as often. In Ohio, these laws have already been passed. The state requires at least eight hours of training before they can legally obtain a gun license. The senators were in debate of whether the hours should be more or less than eight hours. Some thought it would be fair that having the same number of hours of gun training as police officers, which is 40 hours, would be logical, but they settled on twelve and then later on eight. Ohio is one of six states that require training over eight hours. (BUCKEYE).
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