The Fight Club: Main Themes In The Fight Club

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One of the main themes in the book “Fight Club” are mental illness, mixed with loneliness and freedom from the expectations of society.

Tyler, one of the main characters, is created due to protagonists’ lack of connection with people around him. The protagonist had a sense of loneliness and attended several support groups to alleviate the feeling. He was not rejected at the support groups as the members thought he was sick just like they were, yet the feeling of his loneliness was not alleviated.

Materialism is another recurrent theme. The narrator mentions how he has worked his entire life for the cheap, bare-bone items in his apartment. He tried to fill the void in his life by buying worthless, meaningless stuff. Eventually, he finds
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The narrator finally discovers that Tyler was a figment of his imagination. He at that points must stop him. To get rid of Tyler, end Project Mayhem, and all of the Fight Clubs; however, was not an easy task. Tyler did not want to leave and this conflict was only resolved with the narrator after shooting himself and thus killing…show more content…
It seems that this mental voice is productive, it does change him in the way that he wants to change; however, it is also destructive since this becomes a negative and explosive relationship, eventually leading to an attempted suicide.

Overall, the story of fight club resolves around mental illness, the battle of our narrator, out patient, with the voice inside him. Through this story, large themes are explored including materialism and freedom in society. A major theme of Fight Club is an answer to the rejection of a consumer society is with the use of violence. Fighting was a way to free a man from society. Material items are seen as malevolent because they enslave us and control us.

We desire many luxuries and take them for granted. Our society is based largely on the materialistic wants of consumers from advertising and marketing. This demand distracts us from who we really are and should be destroyed. The filmmakers have adapted many of these meanings into the film that was
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