The Fight

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All through breakfast I couldn't help but be incredibly smug. I won against Jessie, my older, stronger, supposedly cleverer brother. I was entitled to be proud of myself. “What are you doing today?” I asked him before diving into my orange juice. Jessie speared some more eggs before answering. “I'm off to Seattle to get a new microphone. You know mine's about to die.” I nodded thoughtfully while clearing the table and putting the plates in the sink. It was unfortunately true; last band practise the microphones had cut out and we'd had to shut down early. Aidan wasn't impressed. “Right, well I'm off to the clearing with a book, 'kay?” I wasn't even sure he heard me, he was so absorbed in his magazine. From what I could see it was an interview with All Time Low, a band that recently had Jessie obsessed. Rolling my eyes I thumped him round the back of the head on my way down the hall, laughing as he inhaled the last of his toast. Moron. The day wasn't sunny, but I wasn't surprised. The weather had been fair yesterday, and even that was too much to expect of La Push's temperaments. I'd picked up the lack of sunlight pretty quickly, and learned that leaving a building without a raincoat was pretty stupid if you wanted to stay dry. The weather was overcast- not raining, but quite cold. It didn't bother or deter me from my planned escapade, so I grabbed my Narnia copies (what? They're awesome) and threw them in a backpack with a raincoat and headed out. In the woods surrounding the house, it was a regular weekend activity for the older siblings in the family to go hiking for the day. Coby had lost interest after a while, preferring to go round to friend's houses. They would have gone into town if they were able, but come on. This w... ... middle of paper ... ...eeding up. All three began to shake and I seriously considered trying to bolt, but of course my legs had other ideas and hung uselessly. Paul was the first to snap, his usual temper winning out. His tremors began to increase and get worse, rendering him a violent blur. I was pretty sure my eyes were bugging out of my skull. No way in hell was this normal. So busily was I looking at Paul, I failed to notice Embry's shakes getting worse until they lunged at each other, deep rumbling growls vibrating from their chests. Then they were twisting, contorting, flying through the air, bodies writhing and turning. A loud ripping sound caught my breath in my throat, head jerking forwards, eyes following the two boys as they were falling, falling, falling... Paws hit the ground, along with fur, tails, sharp teeth- I fell out of my tree with a strangled squeak. Holy Shit.

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