The Fifty-Year Failure

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In year of 1963, Cuba was the tropical heaven of the Caribbean. People from all over the world would come to Cuba, the center of the cultural scene, to experience at least one Havana night. The island’s warm-hearted people, lively culture, and zestful music were the essences that caused hundreds to flock to Cuba to enjoy a night in paradise. One could walk through the streets and hear the Cuban anthems of Guantanamera, Conga Santiguera, and Candela, coming from the natives’ homes. However, a war was reaching its final act during the fiesta. During the Cold War, there came a point when the world was about to annihilate itself. The Cuban Missile Crisis, as a result, finally erupted. The battle between Russia and Cuba; and America was at its climax. Eventually, the United States’ intellectual strategies overpowered the Russians and Cubans, winning the war. All wars, nonetheless, come with their consequences. The penalty for Cuba was the Cuban Democracy Act, putting a blockade on the country from the United States. More than fifty years have pasted, and the writer’s question is why is this act still active. The Cuban Democracy’s Act failed in accomplishing its goals, and, thus, it is not necessary. On the contrary, it would benefit the United States if it were removed. It is time to finally take a step in the correct direction, and remove this act. If not now, when?
The United States placed the embargo in 1960 one year after Fidel Castro became the dictator of Cuba and one year before Barack Obama was born. February 7, 2012 marked the fiftieth anniversary of the United States’ embargo against Cuba. The first objective was to give the Cubans a better life. However, this act deprives Cubans from the era of technology. In 2011, fewer ...

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...rmore, the Cuban embargo harms the U.S. economy. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce stated that the United States lost $1.2 billion due to the embargo. How many more billions can the United States afford to lose? The United States cannot afford to have the embargo for another year.
President Obama has already eased the policy against Cuba; in the opinion of the writer, the policy should be taken away all together. President Barack Obama even said in November that it is time for the United States “to update our policies” toward Cuba. It is nonessential, and it would be better for the United States if it were lifted. Thus, it should be lifted instantly to better the life for the people of America and Cuba. Every aspect of the embargo has failed in achieving its goal for the past five decades. How many more decades does the United States need to lift an unsuccessful policy?
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