The Field Of Counseling And Client Centered Therapy

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As the field of counseling continues to progress numerous theoretical orientations have been developed. One theoretical approach to counseling has been coined as person centered counseling or client centered therapy. This type of approach is commonly referred to as Rogerian psychotherapy. Rogerian therapy focuses on the empowerment of individuals with the inner self. These constructs are vital to ensuring and promoting a transparent and honest atmosphere which subsequently results in effective counseling. The behaviors that are found in client centered counseling are valuable as they motivate the client to explore their "hidden feelings" and become aware of where their feelings derive from. Being afforded the rare opportunity to see Rogers beliefs being implemented and executed in an actual counseling setting with Gloria truly highlights his style in a satisfying way. With there being a plethora of ways that this concept is and can be used on a daily basis I will briefly discuss some of the most commonly experienced ones. One of the most significant skills that every human being should acquire at some point in their lives is effective communication skills. Arguably one of the most prominent aspects of effective communication is active listening. Active listening is an essential communication technique that Roger 's displayed throughout his entire session with Gloria. He practiced actively listening by hearing what his client was expressing and then reiterating what she was saying to confirm that they were aligned with each other 's thoughts and feelings. By doing so he eliminated the opportunity for assumptions to be present. That was an innovative way to break any preconceived barriers that may have been in place. This was so e... ... middle of paper ... and trying to understand why she feels the way she does based off of signs such as both verbal and non-verbal communication, her diction, body language, etc. As theoretical orientations continue to develop overtime we will be able to see in numerous ways where constructs overlap with our daily lifestyles. The basis and foundations of these different techniques of counseling can be beneficial for ones own self including their quality of life, decision making, and relationships. Watching Rogers and Gloria interact in an unscripted setting and practicing Rogerian client centered counseling in an essence provided therapy for the individuals watching it as well. Dr. Carl Rogers most certainly created a therapeutic environment and constructive outcome that had an impact not only Gloria but all the viewers watching by exhibiting his innovative technique of counseling.
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