The Field

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On side. No time. Blood sweat tears. The history of a team. The game of a lifetime. It the taunt of a team. The time is now. The Team. The championship. The Field. History in the making. Let's go! Jail. Hard time of my hands I can't help myself to this jail time. Been in here since 14 year-old. Juvenile. Food in here smells like day old food. knuckles Aiken. My left eyebrow have a scar through it. A knife fight goes wrong. Lion that's am a warrior in a jungle. Jumps on branches. Trick over a knock down trashcan. Manual down the sidewalk. Fall over a baby carrier on the sidewalk. Gets up. Grab his skateboard. When to the baby carrier. The baby have a bloody note attach to his baby shirt. The note says : " That's not my baby I'm not paying or buying nothing for it. That piece of trash isn't mine. " Picks up the baby. A car drivers around the corner. He looks at the car as it drives up slowly to him. Grab his skateboard. Put the baby back in the carrier. Skate down the sidewalk with the baby carrier in his hand. Down the sidewalk fast. Runs to the first down. Tackle in the mud. Raining like mad. Huddle on 3rd & down. Catch the football in mid-air. Brandon Thompson number 29 on his jersey. Hits the other player. Jumps up for the football in the end zone. Runs to the 60 yard line. Tackle. Jumps into the end zone. The coach grabs his clipboard from off the ground. Crowd goes crazy. That's a dream. Sitting on the bus bench. 24 year-old. What to do... The time is now out of prison. Staring at the clouds as they goes by. A ride up towards the bus stop. Stop. The man in the car let down his window. " Are you Brandon Thompson?" He says. " Yes. My Name is Brandon Thompson. Who's ask?" The man get outta his mustang walks up towards me. "Y... ... middle of paper ... the mud. Sweat drop from my skin like rain drop. Hard hitting. As the days pass by. The Team is ready. The Field is set. It's not about the love of the game it's about the people who you love and protect. The baby and The gun. That try to kill that baby. The true told of the field that's not the owner of the Georgia Bobcat. The Months when pass. Championship time. It's was hard to protect the baby from that man, but , I had help from my friends. Me and my brother Brandon living together in his condos. Roy Levi the man of a crime. Videos, pictures, witness also his assistant Tori. The real owner of Georgia Bobcat in his basement. We had the police in involved in they case. Come to find out Roy Levi was they boss it was a money making steam. That Title of the field of great players was the history in the making of The Georgia Bobcat. Let's go. The Team it game time.

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