The Ferguson Incident Essay

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The turmoil and stability of an area are correlated with the crime incidents that take place. In most cases, the extent of such incidents is largely dependent on upon the law enforcement the police practice in that area. The Ferguson incident in 2014 is the best case to demonstrate how the police practice of law enforcement caused a tragedy, and it led to a heated discussion on whether there were police brutality and racial profiling. On August 9, 2014, an 18-year-old black man named Michael Brown was fatally shot by a 28-year-old white police officer named Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. When issues of crime and race emerge, the society comes into chaos. Points of view on the blame or blamelessness of Darren Wilson were profoundly separated;…show more content…
for many years. Like most issues, there are two sides to every story. In the cases regarding police brutality and racial profiling, there are indefinitely two sides. After seeing various fatal shooting on the blacks, the left wing supporters had an agreement in which police abused their powers and brutalized the members of black people. Many people believed that race discrimination was highly visible when comes to the law and order. Erik Wemple agrees that racism is “still alive and well throughout our nation.” He believes that black people receive inequality treatment on the issues of crime. The left wing supporters argued that police officers often used excessive force against black people who were suspected of crimes and often end up killing them. The matter of Travon Martin and George Zimmerman made black people insist that police’s racial profiling in apprehending a suspect led to the death of many blacks. It seems that the police officers who usually stop and search blacks disproportionately violate the Fourth Amendment ban on unreasonable search and seizure (“Search and Seizure Law”). Not to mention the Fourteenth Amendments requirement that all Americans enjoy equal protection of the…show more content…
Under some difficult situations, police officers would have to make quick decisions based on the assumptions from their past experience and historical crime data. The conservative supporters believed that police officers were not engaging in racial profiling, but merely focusing on the race with high crime rates. For the case of George Zimmerman, supporters pointed out that “Trayvon was not killed because he was black. He was shot in self-defense because he repeatedly punched and smashed Mr. Zimmerman’s head on the pavement” (Kuhner). These cases regarding police brutality and racial profiling have made the front page of many news articles and news channels. However, the conflict between the left wing and right extended when the Ferguson case
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