The Fenian Movement

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The Fenian Movement

In 1884 a movement started that changed Ireland forever. The Fenian Movement evolved because of the horrible deeds of King Henry VIII and his durable militia. Britain was trying to govern Ireland, and the people of Ireland fought for the freedom of there country. They didn’t have much money or much military action, on the other hand Britain did. This wasn’t the only reason the Fenian movement occurred though the great potato famine 1845 forced people from there homeland. The Fenian movement was when the people of Ireland were forced from there homeland because of the lack of natural resources and military action by the British.

Another aspect to the Fenian movement was that Irish citizens didn’t have much money because they are not industrialized and they have an agricultural economy, which led up to the potato famine. Irish farmers didn’t have enough money to produce potatoes efficiently; this is when the blight occurred. Another branch that led from living in poverty was lack of military supplies. This was a huge problem because they couldn’t protect there country or even there freedom. Due to lack of funds many people migrated over seas to America where they could make money and live a successful life.

In Ireland potatoes were the most popular product. “The potato grew well in Irish soil, producing the high yields that small-pot tenant farmers needed to feed their families and pay their rent”(Michael 1). During the potato famine the farmlands in Ireland were rotting away due to the blight. “Beginning with 1847, the potato blight left famine and death on every hand; emigration was excessive, and disaffection widespread, yet the British government did little to relieve the deplorable conditions. Goaded by almost unbearable economic distress, the young Irelanders decided to act”(Walker, 2) This led to poverty, migration and even death( how many people). People in Ireland were forced out of there homes to other countries because of the horrible natural resources. Many people starved, and these unfortunate citizens migrated to the United States, Canada, South America, and Australia. Ship-owners packed hundreds of boats to flee from Ireland to English speaking countries. Many of the Irish people didn’t even make it to these countries because of the horrible disease typhoid.

Another one of the major causes of this horrific problem in Ireland was that British military decided they wanted to take over the Irish government and control the land.
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